View Homes is in the people business. Their team believes that if you can understand a home buyer, anticipate their desires, and provide exactly what they are looking for with care and compassion, then THAT is the proper way to build homes.

“We are about vision and innovation,” says View Homes founder, Randy O’Leary. “No one is doing what we are doing when it comes to our approach, our marketing, our consumer research. We are taking our industry into the future.”

With nearly $2 million dollars invested in technology and business management software, and over 18 months of research with neuroscientist Dr. Robert Cooper, O’Leary isn’t kidding. Now, they are looking to take all their resources and use them to support new franchise owners under the View Homes umbrella.

View Homes invites professionals in the construction, building, and architect fields to explore their franchise opportunity. Currently, they seek franchisees in key markets across the U.S., especially in markets such as Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Iowa, but welcome the chance to talk to business builders who are interested in hearing more about the View Homes opportunity.

For more information about this exciting opportunity to grow your home building business, please call 719-625-3658 or email